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v/ Ann Maj Lorenzen
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8541 Skødstrup

E-mail: info@daabskluden.dk
Phone: +45 7175 8995

Terms and Conditions
All prices are quoted in Danish Kroner (DKK) incl. any applicable VAT and sales taxes. Accepted means of payment include Dankort, VISA/dankort, MasterCard, VISA Electron, Maestro, and Diners. Payment shall be made via ePay. Only the amount authorized by the customer shall be withdrawn from the costumer’s account. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to use a functioning email address for the purpose of receiving important emails from the seller. The customer must make sure that emails received from the seller do not end up in the customer’s spam filter.

 Right of Cancellation
PDF-files purchased from the seller (the products) are available for immediate download once online payment has been registered by the seller. An email with a link for download shall also be sent to the customer’s registered email address. There shall be no right of cancellation once payment has been made and the products are available for download, cf. applicable Danish law (“Forbrugeraftalelovens §18, stk. 2, nr. 13”).

The seller shall treat all confidential information received by the customer as strictly confidential, not directly or indirectly disclose, publish, communicate or make available confidential information, or allow it to be disclosed, published, communicated or made available, in whole or part, to any entity or person whatsoever not having authority to know and use the confidential information, unless it is necessary in order to carry out a transaction. For the purpose of this section, confidential information shall include, but not be limited to, name, address, phone number, and credit card information.

The customer shall have a two year warranty on any purchased product, cf. application Danish law (“Købelovens § 83, stk. 1”). In the event the customer receives a wrong or a defect product, the customer shall promptly notify the seller after learning of the error. Notifications are to be made directly to the seller at info@daabskluden.dk.

Intellectual Property Rights
Customers buying as a private individual (private customers) shall have the right to use the purchased products within the home, and may not copy, re-sell, give, or otherwise make available the products to third parties. Private customer agrees not to directly or indirectly use the products in competition with the seller’s business. Customers buying as a corporate entity (corporate customers) shall pay a higher purchase price for the products, and shall be allowed to print and share the products with members of its entity only. The products may not be distributed to the public, or otherwise made freely accessible, including printing physical copies of the products and making it accessible via electronic media. For the purpose of this section, corporate customers shall include, but not be limited to, churches purchasing the products for use within the church. All customers, including private customers and corporate customers, agree that all copyright, trademark, design rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights in the products shall belong to the seller. The customers shall have no right or license to use the products owned by the seller except as expressly provided in this section.