Who is knitting?

Foto: Lars Aarø. Fokus

What sort of people knit christening cloths?

We get a lot of enquiries from women who would like to knit a christening cloth for their grandchild or great-grandchild and would like to make it something special by embroidering the child’s name and the date of the Christening on the cloth – thereby creating a truly personal gift for the child being baptized.

Churches have also embraced the idea of making hand-knitted christening cloths. This is not just because of the role the cloths play in the actual christening but also because the idea offers a chance to serve God (a chance for ‘diakonia’ as it’s known in Christian theology).

That’s why in a lot of churches groups of women now meet together to be part of this new idea. They don’t just knit christening cloths together. They also become part of a really special kind of fellowship.

We hear back from a lot of churches about how interested people are in becoming part of this fellowship. And we hear again and again about how happy people are when they take part in a knitting café.